Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance
NatureKnit only use SGS lab certified and Mongolian origin Yarns. Our in-house fabric testing is done via optical fibre analyzer software, ensuring the perfect diameter and length for each design. The dyes are Swiss brand, standardized and eco-friendly. We employ standard raw materials and finished products hence bringing uncompromised quality garments products.
Expert Textile Team
The team of skilled designers put creativity while expert textile Engineers put technical insight on our manufacturing. NatureKnit research laboratory strive to adopt modern application to boost cashmere manufacturing and embellishing. While keeping the old art alive, textile expert is continuously updating new prototype design that emulates each garment manufactured at Natureknit.
Risk Management
We have created an effective risk management team that will handle any difficulty during the manufacturing and product-delivery process, from power outages to manpower issues.
Private labeling
NatureKnit is an established brand name in international arena of cashmere manufacturing.We provide private labeling for top notch clothing brand in Europe and America and other international market.