About us

Our products are designed to enhance your style with sophistication; at NatureKnit, we are all about cashmere, quality and class. Based in Kathmandu, NatureKnit manufactures the finest quality cashmere and pashmina products and has come a long way since its journey began in 2004. Today, our products are exported across the globe to notable multinational brands, its various cashmere and blended garments standing up to stringent manufacturing tests and made only from SGS-tested yarns.

We have a diverse range of products, our quality and craftsmanship evident in each of them: from knitted apparels to sweaters, cardigans to woven rugs, and from scarves to stoles. Using the finest quality Nepalese wool, our products are a testament to world-class manufacturing processes applied to traditional heritage. With a decade-long history of supplying quality cashmere products to luxury clothing brands across the world, and with its top-of-the-line manufacturing process, NatureKnit is one of Nepal’s most modern knitting houses.