Terms & Conditions


  •  Minimum time required for sample delivery is 20 days; however it may vary depending on our schedule
  •  Sampling charges are 1.5 times of the price.


  •  Minimum quantity for placing an order is 60 pieces per style, 10 pieces per color and 20 pieces in variation.
  •  Colours available from:
  •  We confirm your order placement after 30% of the payment is credited into company account. Delivery date of the order is 70 days from the order placement, which can be made earlier in case of favorable conditions.
  •  In case of any defect, we accept them within 15 days from the shipment date. The buyer have option of making a debit note against the faulty pieces.
  •  Huntsman colours (Switzerland)


  •  Sampling : Complete payment is to be deposited for sample confirmation.
  •  Production : 30% of the full amount is to be paid as an advance payment and the remaining 70% is to be deposited before the shipment.
  •  SIGHT L/C is required for confirming the order.
  •  The intermediate bank charges is to be paid by the buyer.