One of the challenging aspects of building a corporate culture is to nurture a sense of social responsibility within a company’s core values. Based out of Nepal, a landlocked country, we have strived to focus on solving multidisciplinary social challenges that exist in Nepalese society while focusing on our business ethics and corporate ethos. Our Corporate Social Responsibility grows out of this belief, and our participation in several CSR programmes underlines this social approach of ours.

For example, one of the major issues in primary education in Nepal today is the dropout rate of children – students drop out of school for several reasons, despite their education being funded by external sources. To this end, Nature Knit invests in increasing access to education for children of marginalized and underprivileged employees by sponsoring their education at private schools and ensuring quality education up to the higher secondary level.

Another issue that plagues Nepal is of unemployment, and since we are a skill-based industry, we are committed to uplifting Nepal’s micro-level entrepreneurship by organizing skill-training workshops to local artisans and interested newcomers. These trainings emphasize on modern techniques for embellishments, garment-making and textile production to update workers’ skills. By doing this, we are looking to upgrade the skill-set of our manpower, which will subsequently increase the quality and competence of Nepali textile production – apart from encouraging entrepreneurship by generating such skills.

One of our ideals has been to give back to the society the company operates in, and towards this end, we have been supporting various community schools. Gyanjyoti Community School from Palpa received library materials along with computers from Natureknit, and an ‘Akshaya Trust’ was established with the school committee to provide scholarships to marginalized and underprivileged children. We also invested in upgrading the infrastructure of Sansaridevi High School in Kavre, and provided students with uniforms and bags. NatureKnit has also supported the BoudhaGramin Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd in Surkhet by providing medical stretchers, and assisted the cooperative in buying an ambulance to improve health facilities for locals.

We believe in a corporate culture that grows along with the society the company is based in, and we are continuously working towards this end.