Nepal, home to some of the world’s highest mountains, is also famous for the quality of its pashmina, which comes from the finest quality cashmere wool from the high mountain. Nepalese textiles have had a long and illustrious history, with Nepalese pashmina being renowned as one of the world’s best.

Continuing in that fine tradition, we use the finest quality of cashmere wool to weave pashmina shawls, mufflers, scarves, warmers, blankets and other products. Further, using the best of traditional Nepalese techniques, international designs are embellished into the garments, bringing out a product that can be held up to the highest of standards.

At Natureknit, we believe in the authenticity of our products; we utilize hand-weaving techniques to the fullest in every way. Our pure cashmere shawls are hand-loomed to preserve the softness that would otherwise deteriorate on an automatic high-vibrating weaving loom. Our yarns are warped on wooden frames by traditional methods. The hand loom is a painstaking process that requires uniformity and utmost precision. Yet, that is how we at NatureKnit believe the exquisite luxury of cashmere shawls emerge. We further hand-massage all our woven products to release the stiffness in the wool, before quality-checking them under the highest international standards for packing and delivery.

Despite our focus on traditional Nepalese methods, we believe in utilizing modern technological innovations to deliver the finest product to our customers. For our yarns, the scouring, carding, warping, shedding and opening processes all use these technological innovations to make both tight-spun and light-spun varieties of yarn. The production process is controlled by an expert team of textile engineers, and our digital database ensures flawless cashmere shawls, scarves and other woven garments for our customers.