We make our products from the best SGS-tested yarns. We have a diverse range of knitted cashmere products for both men and women, as well as for children; our sweaters, pullovers, cardigans and other cashmere accessories are available across the world under the branding of leading clothing companies.

Adhering to global standard production processes, at NatureKnit, we utilize traditional Nepalese hand-knitting techniques in flat knitting machines during the working. At the same time, our manufacturing processes are auto-systemized using advanced software, merging the best of both works to create luxury knitwear that has a vintage feel. Our multiple hand-knitting machines are capable of large production on short time limits without compromising on quality and creation accuracy. At NatureKnit, the manufacturing process begins with the knitting of various sub-parts such as the sleeves, the necks and the torsos, which are then linked together by hand on advanced linking machines. The knitting process is auto-systemized by ERP software, thus ensuring flawless garments that highlight the best of modern and traditional techniques. Further, our department-specific Quality Control Desk inspects all garment pieces for holistic flaws and any other errors during the manufacturing process. It is only after the products are quality-guaranteed that we label the cashmere, before packing them for dispatch.