Hand Stitching

Nepal’s textile work is famous across the world, and at NatureKnit, we use the best of traditional hand-stitching techniques in our products. From rugged stitching to neat decorative work, we rely on traditional methods to give our products a classical hand-stitched finish, unlike machine-tailored garments of our competitors. At NatureKnit, we pride ourselves not just on the quality of our garments, but also on our range of stitching processes, such as top-stitches, running stitches, buttonhole stitches, back stitches and basted stitches – all of which are done by hand by our master weavers.

At NatureKnit, we also strive to deliver a product whose stitching is smooth, less visible and does not pucker the fabric’s texture – thus ensuring the product is of the highest quality and classiest finish. We specialize in fringe-finishing, hand seam work, pick stitching and endless stitching artwork. These finishes all echo the craftsmanship that NatureKnit puts in its products.