Cashmere Link

With over a decade of experience in quality cashmere manufacturing and trading in the international export market, Nature Knit is rightly placed to help you start and expand your textile business. We offer an innovative business mechanism that allows Nature Knit’s production facilities to be used as a third-party production house for interested investors. We help interested individuals and enterprises to manufacture cashmere, privately label their products and trade the manufactured goods.

Cashmere manufacturing is an elaborated process that requires a proper factory set up, machinery and skilled manpower. Moreover, an experienced and expert team is required to regulate the production. Nature Knit’s ‘Cashmere link ’ programme understands the risks involved and negates them by allowing the use of its material- and knowledge-based resources. Interested investors will benefit from export-quality production services without the need to worry about the details of manufacturing. Instead, the whole process is conducted in our up-to-date and technology-facilitated factory under the supervision of experts. As an investor, you will get branding and trading identity as an individual entity.

This mechanism is a rational approach to encourage startups within the textile business, intending to enhance textile-based entrepreneurship within Nepal alongside supporting startup projects.